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Kyle Anthony
  • Event: (24059) Edson Barboza at (24060) Dan Ige
    Sport/League: MMA
    Date/Time: May 16, 2020 9PM EDT
    Play: 4% – Dan Ige +111
    Play Rating: 4%
    Result: Win

    Edson Barboza has faced top level opponents with some success, but continues having the same holes in his game. Yes he's a top level kick boxer with a fantastic arsonal, but pressure and takedowns is absolutley a vulnerability. Time and time again, thats a path to victory for opponents. Barboza has fought tough fighters, but he's 1-4 in his last 5, and the only fight he won was against Dan Hooker, which he stood at kick boxing range the entire fight allowing Barboza to fire off kicks at will. When Hooker pushed forward, Barboza wasn't comfortable at pure boxing range or closer. The issue is Barboza has not once shown he's capabie of defending takedowns or strong in the clinch. Add in the fact that Barboza's shown to have a weak gas tank as well. Mostlly due to his highly explosive strikes, many of which drain a lot of energy. He's never adapted to middle level power strikes to conserve cardio. Mixing up high energy shots and defending takedowns equals huge drop off in power and defense heading into 2nd and 3rd rounds. This is also Barboza's first fight at featherweight, which could also deplete his already iffy chin. History tells us fighters that change weight divistions late in career, many times fail to have success. Not only that, but cutting extra weight could drain his cardio and ability to take shots. 

    On the other side, Dan Ige who's continued to improve fight after fight. A very well rounded fighter with a strong wrestling background. The biggest improvements I've seen, is in his striking. Over the last 2 bouts he's made big leaps forward. Odviously wrestling Barboza is a path to victory, which throughout you'll see Ige seek to clinch. But, another big factor is how Ige shoots for takedowns. His first step is quick and he disguises his takedowns behind combinations most of the time. With better cardio as well, I love Ige in this spot. At plus money on a guy that checks all the boxes with multipe paths to victory, its a great dog price!

    Play: Dan Ige +111